Games That Satisfy Your Curiosity

Computer Lunch is a Brooklyn-based game studio. From VR platformers to mobile science-based simulations, we are focused on bringing interesting topics to life through intuitive controls, fun gameplay, and striking graphics.

Our latest project, Cell to Singularity, is an idle game where you explore evolution and the history of life on Earth from single-celled organisms to the technological singularity. Cell to Singularity was nominated for the Google Play User’s Choice Award in 2020, and was featured as part of the Facebook Gaming 2020 Indie Elevate Contest.

You can stay up-to-date on what we’re currently working on by tuning into our monthly livestreams on Twitch.

Cell to Singularity

Journey through the history of life on Earth in this idle clicker evolution simulation

Mama Hawk

Raise a falcon family in this high-flying, prey-hunting, baby-feeding action game

SwingStar VR

Swing through the sky in this virtual reality physics puzzle game