High-flying, Prey-hunting,
Baby-feeding action game

The first thing you will notice about Mama Hawk are its strange graphics. It has a super bright, colorful style that is part hand-drawn, half deranged cuteness. The game is really fun: You play as a mother bird who picks up animals and drops them onto her nest of hungry chicks to feed them before they starve. It’s strangely satisfying and addictive to see your chicks graduate the nest amid terrible/awesome puns. Extra points also for a cool and strange and fierce female hero.

The controls are smooth and intuitive once you get a hang of them, and you can play the game with one hand. The levels are beautiful, each with a ton of animals, each slightly different, to keep things interesting, and requiring different skills to outsmart them. Mama Hawk has a ton of small, thoughtful touches: A really cool parallax world map, a timed ladybug spinner, and a gazillion hilarious costumes to dress up Mama. The game is fun and very addictive.

Mama Hawk comes out on Thursday, February 22.
Free to play (with the option to purchase an ad-free version). Age 7+


  • 70 levels of animal-grabbing, baby-feeding, free-flying fun, each with a variety of challenges like obnoxious skunks, prickly porcupines, and bipolar clouds.
  • Over 20 unique animals will make you appreciate the beauty of nature! And then you feed them to your kids!
  • Five beautiful worlds: autumn, mountain, garden, forest, meadow.
  • Simple, one-finger control scheme is easy to learn, but with a sky-high ceiling for mastery. When you get really good at Mama Hawk, the game soars (pun intended).
  • Collectible ladybug coins unlock awesome upgrades and power-ups, like Buff Wings and Health Upgrades.
  • Play dress up with over 20 different Mama costumes
  • Unique art style where coloring book meets Saturday morning cartoon
  • Who needs to be a superhero when you can be MAMA HAWK? She can pick up animals thrice her size, and won’t hesitate to drop a cute bunny into her nest of hungry babies.


  • iOS App Store
  • Android Google Play Store


New York artist Kati Nawrocki was fascinated with the raptors that lived in her New York neighborhood, so she recruited her husband to help her to create a game about one hawk‘s attempts to feed her family. Over the next three years, the two worked nights and weekends, filling sketchbook after sketchbook in search of the game’s visual style, developing the mechanics, and showing the prototypes at expos and play-tests.