Mama Hawk Game

Motherly love and killing animals

Being a single mom is tough, and sometimes you gotta get your talons dirty.
Mama Hawk is a side-scrolling arcade game about a hawk mother who has to feed more and more animals to her ever-growing brood of chicks. The babies depend on their mama for survival until they are big enough to graduate. But look out — the forest is teeming with predators hoping to spoil dinner.


  • Stalk and grab animals
  • Outsmart predators
  • Mow down enemies with power-ups
  • Unlock 20 food achievements
  • Achieve the highest ranks of parenthood


  • Mama Hawk is coming for
    iOS, Android, PC and MAC.

Join the Beta

If you would like to play Mama Hawk before it is released, you can sign up for the Mama Hawk Open Beta (Android) or email (for iOS), and put “beta-test” in the subject line.