A high-flying, prey-hunting, baby-feeding action game

MAMA HAWK is a casual action game about a motherly but fierce hawk who feeds animals to her ever-growing brood of chicks.The babies depend on their mama for survival until they are big enough to graduate. But look out – the forest is teeming with predators hoping to spoil dinner. (age 7 & up).



  • Easily learn the one-finger controls – and discover that game mastery is hard
  • Outsmart 20 unique animals – some sweet, some dangerous
  • Explore seven magical worlds
  • Unlock 70 levels, each with new challenges
  • Unlock thrilling upgrades and power-ups
  • Play dress up with over 20 different costumes


  • iOS
  • Android


New York artist Kati Nawrocki was fascinated with the raptors that lived in her New York neighborhood, so she recruited her husband to help her to create a game about one hawk‘s attempts to feed her family. Over the next three years, the two worked nights and weekends, filling sketchbook after sketchbook in search of the game’s visual style, developing the mechanics, and showing the prototypes at expos and play-tests.