W4: Baking Lights, Flying Controller, Instantiate, OnTriggerEnter


Homework: Google CardBoard Game
Project Due May 2nd


  • Project will have at least two scenes. ( title + gameplay)
  • During the course of the game the player should be able to interact and gain points. Points can be giving for selecting an object, finding an exit in an amount of time.
  • Use a Singleton class to keep track of score.
  • Use the SceneManager to switch between scenes on events.
  • You are allowed to build on any example in class and incorporate assets from the Unity Assets Store.


  • Try using Baked lighting in one of the scenes make sure to use the shader Mobile / diffuse
  • Try saving the high score of the game with the PlayPref
  • Display the high score in the Title screen, to challenge the player.

Title screen
Give you game a title this can be a 3D Text mesh with the title of the game. This should have a button that lets the player enter the gameplay scene. When the play dies or ends the gameplay session give them a option to return to the title screen.

Gameplay mode
Come up with a gameplay mode based on one of the examples in class.

If the player finishes the gameplay session restart the level or take them back to the title screen.