Instructor: Andrew Garrahan
website: computerlunch

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Unity Interface & GameObjects

Manipulating Game Objects in the scene view

Core Concept – Prefab

  • Prefabs
    • Creating Prefabs, Applying prefabs, Revert back to source prefab


External Unity Packages

The Unity Standard Assets, these assets are made by unity for help with common game dev tasks.

  • We want to walk around our scene with a standard FPS (First Person Shooter) control scheme, we need the First Person View Controller Prefab
  • STEP 1: Import the Characters Package from the Unity Standard Assets.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.57.06 PM
  • STEP 2: Drag FPSController to your scene. NOTE: Make sure it the FPSController is above a floor not in another object as it might get stuck.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.59.11 PMSTEP 3: Press “Play” button , and walk around using the AWSD + mouse for looking controls. You now have a first person controllable space.

Importing Assets


What are my options for VR headsets?

Keep Going:

  1. Start watching Unity Learning videos 
  2. Complete Roll-a-Ball tutorial ( 3 HOURS )
    Roll-A-Ball Tutorial
  3. Make a scene designed to be walked around with the First Person View Controller.Requirements
    – Use at least 1 external 3D model. ( You can download 3D meshes from sites like the Asset Store and turbosquid, or create your own mesh in Google sketchup, Maya, Blender, MagicaVoxel )
    – Use at least 4 materials  ( make sure 1 of them has a bitmap texture as the Albedo )
    – Make one prefab object that is clone a few times in the scene.Think about…
    – Think about the starting placement of the player, how will they move through the space. Will they walk around in circles? Will it have more of a linear pathway? Should jumping be involved? Is there clear start and ending to the scene , or is it more of a meditative space?
    – Focus on using the unity primitive 3D gameObjects first to create the world. Think about how can you use only simple cubes, to make walls , and complicated architecture, furnitures, even a sculpture of a person?
    – Try rotating the directional light to change the overall feeling of the scene
    – Think about how this scene might look in VR
    – Think about the scale of the environment what is near the player, are there objects far in to the distance that are only for show.
    – Try to avoid bringing high polygon models that might slow do the over all performance