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We work at co-working spaces all across New York City. But we like to think the Baby Castles is our co-working home base.

Andrew James Garrahan

Founder Game Designer and Programmer

Andrew Garrahan is a New York based artist, programmer and game developer. His clients have included Adult Swim, OMG Pop (now: Zynga), Redbull, IBM, FakeLove, the Mill, History Channel, Nestle, Bulgari and Rayban. Andrew teaches game design at NYFA ( New York Film Academy ), and has taught iPhone programming at NYU and the School of Visual Arts. Currently teaching a intensive VR Unity class at Playcrafting. FAVORITE GAMES: Super Mario World, System Shock 2 and Demon's Souls.

Joao Escarlate

Level Designer

1. João Escarlate is a brazilian game designer and programmer based in brooklyn. Learned how to code with the creators of the Lua programing language at Rio. Besides doing VR level design for Swing Star, João also works as a programmer for Simple Machine and Teacher Assistant for the coding classes at NYFA.

2. I would live in Pokémon's Kanto region and pick Bulbasaur as my starter.

3. I would be a master astrologer and study occult science.

Kati Nawrocki

Art Direction + Biz Dev

Kati Nawrocki is an illustrator, artist, and gif enthusiast based in New York. Since studying fine arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, she has not stopped drawing. She loves to travel (Kati's Big City Tales), going to concerts (musikati) and doing research, all of which informs her children's books and games. She twitters @katinawrocki

The pirate level in Kingdom Rush Frontiers

I would create children's books.

Elena Fedina

Junior Programmer

Born and raised in Moscow, Elena began her game-related career as a localization QA in one of Russia's biggest game companies - Mail.ru. Yes, she got to play games for a living! Of course, it was more than just playing games, and the 2.5 years in the industry motivated her to search for something more. That's how she ended up in New York in a 1-year game design program at NYFA and now she works as a data analyst for Superdata, a market research company that works exclusively with video games.

The Elder Scrolls around 3 era (when Morrowind was still more or less intact). I would buy a nice little house just outside Balmora or Pelagiad, join the Mages Guild, get a pet guar and travel all across Morrowind in search of rare herbs and plants.

Probably I would teach yoga or krav maga.

John O'Meara

Computer Graphic Engineer and VR Specialist

Graduated with his masters in Game Design and Development from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2012, and currently working on Galactose: Pastries in Space and Swing Star. His interests include Computer Graphics, Shaders and Engine Development. John is also an avid VR developer and enthusiast.

2) Probably Sword Art Online - where else do you get a good excuse to spend 2 years in VR?
3) Probably making a lot of money in Software Development?